What's New for 2019 Taxes?

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Last year when the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 took effect there was a swarm of changes for taxpayers to get a handle on. That isn’t quite the case for the 2019 tax year; but there are a few changes that you still need to update yourself on that went in effect for 2019.

In today’s episode I will be going through some of the new tax items for 2019. I will be reviewing through the 2019 standard deduction amounts and mileage rates; reviewing changes in itemized deductions; and discussing the individual shared responsibility provision as it applies to health insurance coverage.

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Standard Deduction for 2019

  • Single $12,200

  • Married Filing Separate $12,200

  • Married Filing Jointly $24,400

  • Head of Household $18,350

2019 Mileage Rates

  • Business 58¢ per mile

  • Medical 20¢ per mile

  • Charitable 14¢ per mile

Itemized Deductions

  • Limit on deduction for taxes of $10,000

  • Medical bills deductible in excess of 10% of Adjusted Gross Income

Health Insurance Coverage

  • Individual Shared Responsibility Provision still in place but no penalty in 2019 for failure to maintain health insurance coverage.

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