Translating Your W2 (Part 1)

DISCLAIMER: I am a CPA, but I am not your CPA. This article is for informational purposes only and is not tax or legal advice, nor can be relied upon as such. The author is not liable for any losses related to actions or failure to act related to the content of this article. If you need specific tax advice consult with a CPA who specializes in your subject matter and taxing jurisdiction.

Today we are talking about the ever popular tax document, the W2. I’m sure we’re all familiar with these envelopes that come in the mail at the beginning of February, likely stamped “important tax document” on the front.

If you are like most taxpayers you probably don’t even brake the seal on the envelope. Your only agenda for the document is to hand it off to your Tax Preparer and not think about what information may have been contained in it.

Not this year.

I want you to break the seal on that envelope and take a look at your W2 because I will be translating your W2 in this week’s episode of the Back Pocket Accountant Podcast.

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Links & Resources

o Publication 17: Your Federal Income Tax

o Instructions to 2019 Form W2

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