Donating Clothing (Itemized Deductions Mini-Series)

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We all at one time or another have donated clothing to a local organization or thrift store. Maybe it was the leftovers from your most recent rummage sale or just bags of clothes pulled together during your annual spring cleaning adventures. Whatever the reason, most of the time us Mamas are just happy to get the clutter out of our home. You would be surprised to know all that decluttering can actually lead to a deduction on your tax return.

This time when you drop off your clothing donations you will not decline the donation receipt, because in today’s episode you are going to learn what is required in order to take an itemized deduction for donated clothing on your tax return.

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Links & Resources

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o Publication 1771: Charitable Contributions; Substantiation and Disclosure Requirements.

o Form 8283: Non-Cash Charitable Contributions Instructions & Form 8283

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