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I love working from home. It allows me to be available for my kids for after school activities and long conversations. I plan my work day around my kids’ schedules so I can be the most productive yet still accomplish things that are important to me as Work-at-Home Mom, such as putting a nutritious meal on the table each night.

Working from home, definitely has its perks; but one perk you may be missing out on is taking a tax deduction on your return for the business use of your home. In today’s episode we will dive into who the deduction is for, how to take it, and the information needed to file for the deduction.

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Tests to Qualify for Business Use of Home Deduction:

o Exclusive Use Test – Defined area of the home is used specifically for business


  • Daycare Centers

  • Supply Storage

o Regular Use Test – Must use area regularly for business purposes

o Trade or Business Test – Using your home in connection with a trade or business


  • Some Rental Activities

o Principal Place of Business Test – No other fixed business location


  • Separate Structure from Home

  • Meets with Clients, Patients, Etc. in the Home

Two Options for the Deduction:

o Simplified Deduction - $5 per square foot. Maximum space allowable is 300 square feet.

o Standard Deduction


Publication 587: Business Use of Your Home

FREE PRINTABLE: Business Use of Home Tracking Sheet

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