About Gina

Hi I’m Gina.  I’m a wife and mom to 3 great kids. I’m a licensed CPA in the State of North Dakota and I have successfully started two of my own work-at-home businesses. 


I am dedicated to offering support and expertise to women just like you who are running their own small businesses from home.  I want to help you live the best life you can through entrepreneurship.

My Journey of Working-at-Home

I began my journey of working from home, back in 2007 when my oldest son was only 7 months old.  The recession was just beginning to hit and my position was eliminated when my current employer downsized. 

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Christmas was only 2 months away and I was offered a comfortable severance, so I just enjoyed the few extra months I had with my son before looking for employment.


It felt like an extended maternity leave, but without the extreme exhaustion and new parent confusion.

I discovered I loved being a stay-at-home mom. It felt like where I was meant to be. Unfortunately our bank account told me I was meant to go back to work. 

I started looking for part-time work or a position that would allow me to work from home. 

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I was fortunate to find an employer who was willing to allow me to work from home most days in exchange for coming into the office 1 day a week.

It was a lot to juggle as most days I wore two hats: career mommy and stay-at-home mommy. But I loved having the opportunity to be at home with my son.

Only a year after beginning to stay at home our second son  was born and just a short year and half later, we welcomed a  daughter.


Working from home with three little ones 3 and under wasn't easy, but I loved  every minute  of it.  I had to  get creative to find  time to  fit  in my  required  hours for  my  position;  and believe me I tried it all! 


I worked  every spare moment  I could  find:  early mornings,

late nights, nap times, and occasionally weekends.  By prioritizing my work times I was able to spend my days with my children enjoying watching them grow and discovering the world around them.

"Working from home with

three little ones 3 and under

wasn't easy, but I loved every

minute of it." 


My 1st Mom Business 

In 2012, I got the itch to have more control in my life.  I wanted to always be there when my kids came home from school, needed a sick day, or were on summer break.  I was tired of working “double hours” for 12 weeks out of the year for tax season.


I could see that working for someone else during tax season would forever mean I would miss games and concerts during that time of year. I wouldn’t be there to help with homework or say good-night.

I would miss out on hearing about the day’s highlights or comforting a child after a difficult day. Even though it was just for a short period each year, it was certainty not the life I wanted, yet I wasn’t ready to give up the skills and credentials I had worked so many years to receive.


"I didn't look back either, because I knew this was the road I needed to be on in order to be the type of mom I desired to be."

Nervous and feeling unsure of myself, I took the leap towards entrepreneurship. I didn’t look back either, because I knew this was the road I needed to be on in order to be the type of mom I desired to be.  I opened my first "Mom Business", a CPA practice in 2012. It was great having control over my client load, no more “busy season” for me.

Mom Business #2 

My 2nd Mom Business came about by accident, maybe not quite an accident, but it wasn’t a planned business.


As a work-at-home mom I enjoyed spending time with my kids doing various activities.  One activity I started with my children at the age of 3 was music education and by age 4 or 5 I began to teach my children how to play piano.

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Any business that is owned by a Mom and allows for flexible hours, the ability to work from home, and operate part-time.


Mom Businesses


Event Planner

MLM Sales

Daycare Provider



Life Coach


As a child my mom invested in years and years of weekly piano lessons for me. Her investment paid off as it fostered a love of music in me that I have been able to pass down to my children and as an extra side perk it gave me a scholarship to go to college.


I spent two years studying piano performance in college, but ultimately decided to seek out a degree in accounting. I naively thought a music teacher could never financially be successful and decided to pursue what I thought was a more lucrative career.


I never imagined when I stopped studying piano that it would ever appear back in my life again beyond anything but just a hobby, but it did. In 2013 my oldest had been studying piano with me for 2 years and was really starting to get the hang of it and enjoying it.

He went to a friend's house for a play date and showed off his new skills on the piano for his friend's family. They were impressed and wanted to know who he took lessons from. He proudly shared  it was his mom and freely offered me to  teach  his friend as well. Just a few weeks later "The Playful Piano Studio" opened up and I gradually over  the   years  started adding more neighborhood kids whose  families discovered I was  teaching.  I’ve  been privileged over the last 6 years to have over 30 talented students come through my studio.

Your Mom Business

And now that brings us to why you’re here. It’s for your Mom Business! For whatever your reasons are you have decided the best career choice for you as a mama is to run your business from home.  Because as a home-based business owner you are able to choose the type of work that brings you joy and utilizes your talents, while still allowing you to be the best mama that you can be.

"Because  as   a   home-based  business owner you are able to choose  the  type  of  work     that  brings   you   joy  and  utilizes  your  talents,  while still  allowing  you  to be the best mama that you can be."

All the reasons why we want to be work-at-home business owners are easy to list, but not everything about being a business owner comes easy. The biggest wall most business owners face is how to handle the accounting and taxes for their business.  I want to take down that wall for you so that you can flourish in your Mom Business.

"I want to take down that wall for you so that you can flourish in your Mom Business.

My hope is that I can help you navigate that financial part of your business, so that your focus can be on creating a thriving business that provides freedom, prosperity, and most of all joy in your home.

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